Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. receives BAM Award 2018

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Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. receives BAM award for Employer Branding; Empowering Women at Work in the Industry of Management Consulting.

About the Award Recipient

The principle values and philosophy of Karma come from close to 4 decades of industry experience, and have evolved with us.The Karma we know today derives its strength from the passion and commitment we have nurtured through the years.We do not look at ourselves as mere service providers. We are, instead, in the business of knowledge sharing and partnering. We invest heavily in client partnership, and look to reach out to a much larger cosmos. At heart, Karma will always remain dedicated to keeping their customers first. We have never invested in marketing and outreach, but have always let our quality and relationships vouch for us.

About the Award

Indian Brand Convention 2018 & BAM (Branding, Advertising and Marketing) Awards & Recognitions, the platform where Branding, Marketing, Design, Communications, Advertising, Sales, Creative, Event Management professionals from across the industry came together with a learning and networking motive, concluded on 23rd June 2018 Radisson Gurugram, Delhi NCR. The occasion drew industry pioneers, including experts from across India. The Convention and Award Ceremony were organized by Wafisilpa Entertainments.

Indian Brand Convention & BAM Awards is organized annually by Delhi based Wafisilpa Entertainments. This Conference will provide an insight exposure to the issues faced by industry and would address diverse areas. ‘BAM’, which stands for Branding, Advertising and Marketing, is a Marketing & Branding platform to recognize the exceptional work done by organizations through their innovative ideas, products, campaigns and talent. An occasion that attracts branding & marketing leaders from across the country.

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