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Indian Brand Convention & BAM Awards 2019

Branding, Advertising & Advertising B2B Conference

  • Professional Speakers
  • Air Conditioned Conference Room
  • Marketing Advertising Branding Topics
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Indian Brand Convention – One Day Conference

We are proud to announce the commencement of “Indian Brand Convention 2019”, on 27 July 2019, Delhi. The program is a Learning and Networking conference & Awards and Recognition ceremony for Branding, Marketing, Design, Communications, Advertising, Sales, Creative professionals from across the country.

Beneficial for Participants:

Understand and apply a practical, systems approach to Strategic Marketing and Branding Planning, to develop strategic and operational Branding plans.

  • Golden opportunity to meet and interact with numerous Professionals from the Industry.
  • Learn from real-life case studies and examples of Strategic Branding plans.
  • Be introduced to the latest communication vehicles and their applications.
  • Discuss on real-life situations and share the knowledge and experience of other professionals and facilitators.
  • Benefit from the learning of a real life case study application of Strategic Planning.

Along with networking opportunity, it will maximize your potential and help you to differentiate yourself in a hyper-competitive talent marketplace. Also this convention will provide a renewed sense of direction and paradigm shifts that needs to be implemented in today’s organization to retain and enhance its Competitive Edge and Increased Effectiveness. It will provide an insight exposure to the issues faced by industry and would address diverse areas.

Delegates from different organizations will Share their Branding Strategies and Execution Models. The convention will open up exceptionally beneficial networking opportunities & provide an insight exposure to the issues faced by the industry, addressing diverse areas such as Digitalisation, Emerging Marketing Trends.

We wish to have an interactive program consisting detailed Learning Sessions along with the recognition of various marketing professionals from organizations all across India.

We will be honoured by your presence and representation by other professionals from your esteemed organization. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this invitation. For more information about our program, kindly contact us.

BAM Awards & Recognitions

The “Indian Brand Convention” is hosting a felicitation of marketing professionals from the Industry at Delhi. An occasion that is going to attract professionals from across the industry. This is a wonderful opportunity for corporate and allied organizations to recognize the exceptional talent of their teams.

BAM stands for “Branding”, “Advertising” & “Marketing” under this the exceptional work done by professionals and teams is recognized. This gives organisations to nominate their best professionals, campaigns and innovative ideas for recognitions.

Appreciate your Organization’s BEST Talent:

  • Professionals -Recognize the top Talent from your organization on Marketing and Branding Platform. Benchmark your peers’ best efforts.
  • Work Showcase your organizations core strengths.
  • Innovation Diffuse innovation done by your organization in field of Marketing and Branding.

BAM Recognitions:

The BAM Recognitions is a Non-Competitive genre, wherein our team recognizes those Brands and individuals who have changed the face of the industry forever. It’s an humble effort of ours to honour those who understood the mind and soul of the Indian customer and transformed businesses for the better. We also bring to light those exceptional brands who have won the devotion of the customers and fans from across the country through different mediums.


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Event Date
27rd Jul
Event Time
10.00 AM

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