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About Indian Conventions

Indian Convention is platform of B2B conferences and awards ceremonies which are organized annually for the various corporate fields like Marketing, Advertising, HR, Start Ups and Finance and also in the field of social work specifically related to women. The gatherings are with respect to Learning and Networking which is trailed by Awards function for organizations/person that came across the nation.

Indian Conventions started in 2013 with the motive to inspire and encourage the young entrepreneurs, and corporate in this competitive era. Indian Conventions honors phenomenal work done by the organizations and individuals who have turned the tables and became a role model for others.

Stage of Indian Conventions give acknowledgments to achievers as well as it helps in critical thinking through conferences which address current issues going in different industries, overcoming the barriers both in the industry and in the working environment, thought sharing by different industry pioneers with their real life examples and furthermore it provide tools and learning through which one can endeavor towards excellence.

Indian Conventions also is an idea of creating a huge networking platform for all professionals working in their respective fields. Indian conventions is organized and managed by Wafisilpa Entertainments and Tackyon IT Consulting Pvt Ltd.

Mission of Indian Conventions

To become a nationwide organization, who encourages level of innovations done in organizations and by individuals.

Awardees from the Past

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